Radiesse Denver

A young-looking face with enhanced definition of the cheeks and jaw line is finally a reality with the revolutionary Radiesse® Treatment. Radiesse is a FDA approved, safe, long-lasting, natural solution. Radiesse, is the first calcium hydroxylapatite injectable used for soft tissue augmentation. Over the years, Radiesse has proven to be a safe and effective alternative for those patients wishing to augment and achieve better definition of the face without surgery. Initially developed and FDA approved for injection of the naso-labial creases, Juvederm is now used primarily “Off Label” to augment the Cheeks, Jaw line and chin.


Radiesse is made from calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres in a biocompatible cellulose gel. Initially, it acts as a filler, adding volume beneath the skin. After about 3 months, the microspheres in Radiesse act as a framework for deposition of new collagen. It is long lasting and does not require a skin test because it is made from the same mineral component found in human bones and teeth.

Radiesse is a safe, effective, time-tested, non-surgical filler that provides immediate results. Our Denver patients choose this treatment for variety of reasons, including improving:

  • Creases that run from the nose to the corners of the mouth (nasolabial folds)
  • Augmenting the Cheek Bones
  • Augmenting the angle of the Jaw (Think Demi Moore)
  • Filling in the jaw line in front of the jowl
  • Chin Augmentation
  • Filling in an excessively scooped nose


Radiesse treatments only take about 15 minutes and can be performed in Dr. Squire’s Denver office. Local anesthesia is mixed with the Radiesse to make it nearly painless. Radiesse is injected into through a tiny needle, and placed over the bony area to be augmented.

Recovery from Radiesse treatments is non-existant, and patients are able to continue with their day right after the appointment. There is slight discomfort but no pain afterward. The treatment site may have slight swelling and bruising. Makeup can be reapplied immediately.

Results with Radiesse are immediate. Depending on the area treated, most of your improvements may last for several months to a year.

Radiesse can be used alone or in conjunction with other skin care treatments, such as laser skin rejuvenation, Juvederm and Botox, as well as facial cosmetic surgery.