Latisse Eyelash Lengthener Denver

Latisse® eyelash lengthener is a new product released by Allergan, the makers of BOTOX®. It is the first product that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help you grow longer, thicker, darker eyelashes.

The Latisse Process

Latisse is made from a substance called bimatoprost, which extends the amount of time your hair will remain in its growth cycle. When applied to your eyelashes, the result is longer, thicker, darker, and lusher eyelashes.

You will need to apply the Latisse solution to the base of your eyelashes once daily, preferably at night before you go to sleep. Since Latisse works by keeping your eyelashes in their growth cycle for longer periods of time, it will take awhile to see results. Generally, you should notice a difference in your eyelashes within 8 weeks, but it generally takes up to 16 weeks to see the full results.

In order to maintain lasting results, you will need to continue using Latisse. If you discontinue use of the product, your eyelashes will resume their normal growth cycle and return to their original appearance.

In order to achieve maximum effectiveness, it is important to follow all instructions properly and make sure you do not miss an application. The FDA has determined Lastisse to be safe and effective.

Benefits of Latisse

Studies have demonstrated the following improvement in the quality of eyelashes after using Latisse:

  • Up to a 25% increase in length
  • Up to a 106% increase in fullness and thickness
  • Up to an 18% increase in darkness

To learn more about how Latisse can help give you the eyelashes you’ve always wanted, please contact our Denver, Colorado cosmetic surgeons today to schedule your initial consultation at The Squires Clinic.