How do I pick implant size?

Picking a breast implant size the will give you the result you desire involves several different steps. First we review pre and post op photographs to see what general breast shape and size you desire. You will need to keep in mind that a specific size implant may not give you the same result as someone with a different chest size and beginning breast size or shape than you. Next, your chest and current breast and skin envelope dimensions will be measured. This will give us a range of implant sizes in several different projections that would fit you appropriately.

Next we have you try on temporary breast implant sizers in a bra to give you a sense of the look and feel of the different volumes. Taking all these variables into consideration, we are generally able to narrow down your implant choices to a small range. At surgery, we sit you up while you are asleep and try in temporary sizers in the range you have chosen and see which one gives you the result closest to the photographs you selected. I have found this process to be very effective in getting women the results they want.

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